About us

uTalk was set up by two friends who felt they weren’t any good at French and wanted to do something about it.

The guys, who used to work at a London tech company, only realised they had a problem when they went to a work meeting in Paris and couldn’t understand any of the French they were hearing.

This was despite them both having learned the language for years at school.

So in 1990 they quit their jobs and set up a company to help people learn speaking and listening skills in a new language, using what was then the latest technology, CD-ROMs.

Fast forward 20+ years and the company is now making the uTalk language learning app in 140+ languages – all voiced by real native speakers.

One of the founders, Richard Howeson, still heads up the business.

The other, Andrew Ashe, has left uTalk but hasn’t gone far away. He now runs a charity based in the same building which helps educate children in developing countries.

Both still whole-heartedly believe that the best way to get started in a new language is to learn speaking and listening skills first.

The Science

uTalk's method of using verbal, visual and fun exercises to teach languages increases your chance of success.

Our tried and tested products work by stimulating both sides of the brain at the same time – the visual memory (right brain) and verbal (left side). This dual-coding improves recall and learning dramatically. Adding fun to the mix helps release the neurotransmitter chemical dopamine which keeps you motivated and improves memory recall.

So there you have it: Visual + Verbal + Fun = Learning that works.