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Amharic is a Semitic language originating in the Middle East. Although not necessarily understood by those speaking other Semitic languages, there are linguistic similarities. Different scripts are used for the different Semitic languages, but mostly they do not use alphabets: instead, they use abjads, which do not include vowels. Tigrinya and Amharic use a modified abjad which uTalk will help you with!§

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Fun facts about Amharic

The Amharic word for 'myself' is literally 'my head' ራሴ !

In the Amharic script every symbol represents a consonant + vowel sequence.

Coffee was first grown and consumed in Ethiopia. Amharic is the only language in the world apart from Armenian where the word for 'coffee' doesn't sound like 'coffee' or 'café'. Amharic speakers call coffee 'buna' ቡና.

The Amharic definite article ('the'), like Romanian and Swedish, comes at the end of a word instead of at the beginning. For example lej ልጅ is “child” but leju ልጁ means “the child”.

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