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Arguably the biggest language conundrum - nobody really knows where Basque comes from and it has no other language relatives. It is thought to be the only survivor of languages spoken before most modern European languages started. The language name in its own language is ‘Euskara’. uTalk can help you get to grips with it and enjoy the challenge!§

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Fun facts about Basque

The Basque language is so important to Basque people as a symbol of their identity that any other language besides Basque is simply referred to as Erdera.

Basques love adding the suffix -txo to words to make them diminutive and cute. Herri means 'town' but herritxo means 'village'. A 'gazte' is a youth but a 'gaztetxo' is a kid.

If you're a girl, the word you use for your brother is 'neba', but if you're a boy, your brother is your 'anaia'.

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