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This is the dialect of English which will help you get speaking to locals in their native accents! English is spoken differently across the world with local versions adapting accents, spelling and vocabulary. You’ll be understood anywhere English is spoken no matter which version you learn. Here’s something else to smile about: the word Happy is used three times more often in English than sad.§

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Fun facts about Indian English

In Indian English, as well as postponing a meeting, you can also ‘prepone' one, meaning to bring it forward!

Indian English uses the question ‘what’s your good name?’ instead of ‘what’s your name?’ as a sign of respect to the person being spoken to.

A manager is called an ‘incharge’ and instead of asking if you are on holiday, an Indian English speaker would ask ‘are you out of station’?

Indian English has some numbers which aren't used in other dialects of English: 'one lakh' is a hundred thousand, 'ten lakh' is a million, and 'one crore' is ten million.

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