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French is the official language in 29 countries so this version will also help you to get by in places such as Madagascar, Vanuatu, Canada and Senegal. uTalk will help you get to grips with 'le', 'la' and 'les' – French grammar includes the use of genders. But you’ll quickly get the hang of it. And you may pick up some common cooking terms along the way – French is a common ingredient in classic cuisine.§

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Fun facts about French

If someone says 'la moutarde me monte au nez' - the mustard is going up my nose - it means they're getting angry.

In Maori, the aboriginal language of New Zealand, France is known as ‘Wiwi’ from the French for yes, yes, ‘oui, oui’!

The Académie française, established in 1635, has the task of keeping an eye on the French language and making sure not too many English words sneak in. One example of its success has been to install 'ordinateur' and 'courriel' instead of the English 'computer' and 'e-mail'.

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