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If you're travelling to Nigeria, you may want to learn the relevant language: Yoruba to the West, Igbo to the South, or Hausa to the North. There are actually over 500 languages in Nigeria but these three major ones should get you around. All these languages use the Latin alphabet. Igbo recycles lots of words for other nouns, so that the word 'train' is a fusion of the word for a vehicle and the word for metal.§

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Fun facts about Igbo

One proverb goes 'he who eats with a spoon should remember those who eat with their hands', which means 'always remember those who have less'.

Words can be joined to form new words in Igbo - for example, the word plane is made up of the words ‘high’ and ‘motor’.

Igbo has two tones which can affect the meaning of words - for example, àkwà means bed but àkwá means egg.

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