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There are hundreds of different regional dialects in Italy but everyone speaks standard Italian so this is the version you’ll need. Just learn a few basic pronunciation rules and you'll be able to read anything out loud.There are some strange phrases - 'Good luck' is 'In bocca al lupo (In the wolf's mouth) and you have to respond 'Crepi il lupo'- (May the wolf die!)§

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Fun facts about Italian

The Italian for good luck, ‘in bocca al lupo’, literally means ‘into the wolf’s mouth’. It's important to respond to this with ‘crepi il lupo’ - may the wolf die.

Italian is known as the language of music because of its use in musical terminology and opera. Words such as soprano, solo and piano all come from Italian.

The famous Italian poets Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio all wrote in the Tuscan dialect of Florentine on which Standard Italian is based.

The single letter 'e' is a word in Italian - it means 'and'.§

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