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The Turkic languages spread from SE Europe to Western China, with lots of the Central Asian languages being Turkic in origin. Although the writing system of the Turkic languages may differ (Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic alphabets), there are strong similarities in grammar and vocabulary. There is no grammatical gender, which will be a relief to those who have struggled with the concept of masculine and feminine nouns in Romance languages!§

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Fun facts about Kazakh

Whistling indoors is considered bad luck in Kazakhstan, and means you'll have no money.

Like its relatives Turkish, Kyrgyz, Azeri and Uzbek, Kazakh has vowel harmony where vowels are divided into front and back, and only vowels of the same type can occur in the same word.

When being served tea in Kazakhstan, your host will often make sure your cup is only half-filled. Filling a teacup to the brim means your host wants you to leave.

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