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Ever wondered how to say 'hamburger' in Latin, or 'When is the last train?' uTalk teaches a wide range of vocabulary, from everyday items the Romans would have used, to more modern inventions. Learning Latin will help you understand the roots of many words in other European languages.§

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Fun facts about Latin

Words which come from Latin include 'eg' which is short for 'exempli gratia' - for example - 'etc' for 'et cetera' - and the rest - and 'vice versa' - position turned.

ATMs in Vatican City display the Latin words 'deductio ex pecunia' - available for cash withdrawal.§

'I've got a wolf by the ears', auribus teneo lupum, was a popular saying in Ancient Rome to describe a tricky situation.

The Roman numeral system (I = 1, II = 2, III = 3, IV = 4 etc.) is still in use today.

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