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Abruzzese is a Romance language with lots of similarities in grammar and vocabulary, making it easier to pick up one if you've learnt another. The Latin-based Romance languages are mostly spoken in the area of the former Western Roman Empire. However, many are now also spoken beyond Europe, including Portuguese in Brazil, Spanish in Latin America, and French in many parts of Africa. So maybe you’ll be tempted to learn more than one?§

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Fun facts about Neapolitan

The phrase ‘see Naples and die” (vedi Napoli e poi muori) means that the city is so beautiful that, once you’ve seen it, there’s no reason to go on living.

The name Napoli originates from the Greek word “Neapolis” or “new city”. Naples was founded by the Ancient Greeks in the 2nd century BC.

According to linguists, the Neapolitan dialect has had a huge impact on the Italian spoken in the US because historically some 80% of Italian immigrants came from Southern Italy.

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