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Romanian is a Romance language with lots of similarities in grammar and vocabulary, making it easier to pick up one if you've learnt another. The Latin-based Romance languages are mostly spoken in the area of the former Western Roman Empire. However, many are now also spoken beyond Europe, including Portuguese in Brazil, Spanish in Latin America, and French in many parts of Africa. §

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Fun facts about Romanian

The name Romania comes from the Latin word ‘Romanus’, citizen of Rome.

Unusually for a Romance language, the definite article - 'the' - is added on to the end of a noun, so 'ceas' is ‘clock’ but 'ceasul' is ‘the clock’.

The phrase 'a avea pitici pe creier' - to have dwarfs on the brain - means to do or say something crazy.

Romanian is one of the very few Romance languages spoken in Eastern Europe.

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