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Learn to speak Russian to be understood in Russia and in countries of the former Soviet Block where some words are similar. Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet and some fairly complicated grammar. But uTalk will make it simple for you to get started. Listen carefully though as stress in words changes meaning e.g. замок (zamok) means 'castle' or ‘lock’ depending on which syllable is stressed.§

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Fun facts about Russian

Russian was the first language spoken in outer space - by Yuri Gagarin - and nowadays NASA astronauts have to learn Russian.

Russian has two colour blues- синий for dark blue and голубой for light blue.

It's important to put the stress on the right syllable in Russian, otherwise the meaning can completely change. For example, the word замок (zamok) means 'castle' when the first syllable is stressed, but 'lock' when the second is stressed.

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