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The most widely spoken Cushitic languages are Oromo and Somali (spoken in NE Africa). They use the Latin alphabet. Up to to 20% of the vocabulary in Somali is from Arabic. uTalk will help you learn fast and effectively.§

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Fun facts about Somali

Somali sayings include 'A home without a mother is like a desert' and 'He who has not travelled has no understanding'.

Somali prepositions come before the verb and the verb comes at the end of the sentence! 'Bring the car for Ali' is literally 'Ali the car for-bring'. 'Bring the car from Ali' is 'Ali the car from-bring!'.

There is no direct translation for 'please' in Somali. The closest is 'Waan ku barayayaa' or 'I'm begging you'!

Somali has 2 tones which can change meaning. For example, 'boy' is ínan, and 'girl' is inán.

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