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Modern Standard Tibetan is based on the Lhasa dialect. It uses the Tibetan alphabet and has three sets of rules depending on whether you are speaking in an everyday use, in a formal, more polite setting or using it in a religious context. uTalk gets to the heart of the language and will help you start using it in no time.§

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Fun facts about Tibetan

Tibetans show politeness by sticking their tongues out at each other. This shows they have no evil thoughts.

Tibetan has its own numerals, such as ༤ (four), ༥ (five) and ༦ (six).

The affectionate term of endearment nyingdu-la literally means 'most honoured poison of my heart'.

Standard written Tibetan, rather like French, has many silent letters. "Language" is spelled "skad" but pronounced "ke". The word "lama" is actually spelled "blama"!

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