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Heavily influenced by French and spoken in Senegal, Wolof is the native language of the Wolof people. Wolof is also spoken in the Gambia, but this variant has lots of English loan words, rather than French. Look out for the numbering system, which is based on 5s and 10, so 16 is said 'ten and five- one, and 17 is said 'ten and five-two'.§

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Fun facts about Wolof

Watch out for the numbering system, which is based on 5s and 10s, so 16 is 'ten and five-one', and 17 is 'ten and five-two'.

'One hand cannot clap' - Benn loxo du tàcu - is a Wolof proverb meaning that people who share a common interest need to work together to achieve a common goal.

The word 'banana' comes from Wolof.

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