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French Canadian is a Romance language with lots of similarities in grammar and vocabulary, making it easier to pick up one if you've learnt another. The Latin-based Romance languages are mostly spoken in the area of the former Western Roman Empire. However, many are now also spoken beyond Europe, including Portuguese in Brazil, Spanish in Latin America, and French in Canada. So maybe you’ll be tempted to learn more than one?

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Интересные факты — Канадский французский

French spoken in Canada is famous for its 'sacres' or the use of religious and Church-related vocabulary as strong profanity. An extremely vulgar curse goes like this: 'Mon ostie de saint-sacrament de câlice de crisse!' (literally: 'My host of the holy sacrament of the chalice of Christ'). Learners of Canadian French have to get used to the idea of using church vocabulary as swear words!

In very casual (often stigmatised) street language, 'you and me' or 'toi et moi' tends to sound more like 'toé et moé' which was in fact the classic French pronunciation before the French Revolution.

There are quite a few differences in vocabulary between European and Canadian French, such as 'blonde' for girlfriend (instead of petite amie), croustilles for crisps (instead of chips), and frette for cold (instead of froid).

The expression 'lâche pas la patate' means 'don't give up' but literally translates as 'don't let go of the potato'!

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