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Georgian is a fascinating language full of quirks that make it fun to learn. Besides navigating the alphabet, you will have to get used to the fact that 'mother' is 'deda' and 'father' is 'mama' in Georgian, and that the numbering system is based on 20s. Hopefully you'll find it easy to get started with uTalk.

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Интересные факты — Грузинский

Georgian history was quite bloody – and this is reflected in how Georgians greet each other. 'Hello' is Gamarjoba, meaning 'Victory'! 'Good morning' is Dila mshvidobisa or 'morning of peace'.

Georgian has words with long strings of consonants which can be hard to pronounce – 'life' is tskhovreba, 'horse' is a ts’kheni, and 'cloud' is ghrubeli.

Unlike most languages in the world, the word for mother in Georgian is 'deda' and father is 'mama'.

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