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About Georgian

This is the official language of the Republic of Georgia and is known locally as kartuli. It is a Kartvelian or South Caucasian language which has a few sister languages also spoken in Georgia and written with the Georgian script, called Mkhedruli. A characteristic feature of Georgian is its large number of consonants, which are often strung together at the start of words in clusters that can be hard to pronounce. For example, 'life' is tskhovreba, 'horse' is ts’kheni, and 'cloud' is ghrubeli.

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Fun facts — Georgian

  • Georgian history was quite bloody – and this is reflected in how Georgians greet each other. 'Hello' is 'Gamarjoba', meaning 'victory'! 'Good morning' is 'dila mshvidobisa' or 'morning of peace'.
  • The Georgian counting system is based on 20s.
  • Unlike most languages in the world, the word for mother in Georgian is 'deda' and father is 'mama'.

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