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  • “The uTalk app is a whole lot of fun, filled with useful words and phrases. It works offline, which is great for learning on planes.” Patricia Ochman, Canada
    Patricia Ochman, Canada
  • “A Brit attempting Croatian was a novelty and people were keen to chat as a result. I was even complimented on my pronunciation.” Jacqueline Bell, UK
    Jacqueline Bell, UK
  • “uTalk is the A-bomb of learning the local lingo whilst on the road. Intuitive to use and packed to bursting with useful phrases, this is the future.” Will Hatton, The Broke Backpacker (sent from India)
    Will Hatton, The Broke Backpacker (sent from India)
  • “I felt like I learned a lot and it helps me as the app has a better French accent than my teacher at school.” Jasmin B (age 8), Chief book reviewer at Lingotastic
    Jasmin B (age 8), Chief book reviewer at Lingotastic
  • “One of my greatest challenges in learning Persian is having to do it outside of a classroom. uTalk has made a difference because it is fun and I can use it whenever I want.” Nancy Reynolds, USA
    Nancy Reynolds, USA

What's New

Say Hello to uTalk

A quick look at uTalk

See how uTalk works with this short introductory video. With uTalk you can learn over 130 languages from any language, quickly and simply! Watch now

Junior Language Challenge 2018

Junior Language Challenge 2018

Find out why more than 2,300 UK youngsters have been learning up to three new languages this year. Spoiler alert: It’s all do to with a competition we’re running! Read more here

uTalk onboard Easyjet's new inflight service for Swiss routes

uTalk onboard Easyjet's new inflight service for Swiss routes

uTalk has been chosen to be part of the roll-out of a pioneering new in-flight entertainment system that allows you to interact and play with games onboard selected Easyjet flights on routes in and out of Geneva and Basel. Read all about it

uTalk onboard easyJet

Expansion of uTalk languages on world’s biggest international airline

Emirates Airline has launched an extended series of 45 videos to help passengers on all its flights grow confidence in learning languages. Read all about it

uTalk for Education

Language learning starts here

uTalk’s fun educational approach to learning languages gets amazing results with students worldwide. From day one to graduation, uTalk is perfect for any student.

Take a look at how uTalk can help your students love learning languages

uTalk for Business

Help your business speak with confidence

uTalk helps you and your team communicate better on every level of business - with clients, partners and colleagues. Empower your employees to learn something new, and watch your business grow.

Take a look at how uTalk can help your team make connections in any language

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