About us

uTalk was set up by two British friends with a mission to make language learning fun and simple.

uTalk values your time so our trusted products deliver fast results. Learning a language our way will give you confidence to break down barriers and build friendships. We share our passion and expertise for languages by having the one you need in every part of the world, no matter where you’re from or where you’re going. And our new product uTalk works on every platform. Everywhere.

We encourage learning the world over through the UK’s only Junior Language Challenge as well as supporting the charity onebillion.org.

The Science

uTalk's method of using verbal, visual and fun exercises to teach languages increases your chance of success.

Our tried and tested products work by stimulating both sides of the brain at the same time – the visual memory (right brain) and verbal (left side). This dual-coding improves recall and learning dramatically. Adding fun to the mix helps release the neurotransmitter chemical dopamine which keeps you motivated and improves memory recall.

So there you have it: Visual + Verbal + Fun = Learning that works.