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Put simply, nobody has the range of language learning combinations that we have.

Our global reach of 150+ languages and 20,000+ language learning combinations means we are super-flexible. And with over 25 years in the language multi-media business, we have a proven track record.

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Below are some of our partners. Hover or tap the ones marked with a star to see examples of the creative solutions we’ve developed so far.

Passengers learn before they land

Passengers catching a flight with Emirates Airline are able to learn a language while they’re in the air, thanks to a pioneering scheme.

The ‘classroom in the sky’ scheme lets passengers learn a language from uTalk videos in the seat headrest so they can hail a taxi or order some food on their arrival.

And, as well as catering for English speakers, travellers who speak either German, Spanish, Arabic or Mandarin can learn any of 15 languages while they fly.

Students enjoy university challenge

Students at Newcastle University are pushing the boundaries by learning a new language for extra-curricular fun.

The forward-thinking university is giving students and staff the chance to use uTalk to learn any of the app’s 140 languages as part of its enrichment scheme.

University administrators are also able to track users’ choice of languages and progress on the app on a bespoke dashboard. Among the top ten languages studied are Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian.

Supermarket staff get special offer

Morrisons supermarket is boosting its employees’ career prospects by giving them language learning lessons.

The company has teamed up with uTalk to invest in the language skills of staff working across 28 of its Food Logistics Centres in the UK.

The scheme helps workers, who aren’t English nationals, learn everyday spoken English as well as Morrisons’ workplace-specific words and phrases using the uTalk app.

The customised words cover 17 languages selected by Morrisons including Arabic, Hindi, Lithuanian and Polish.

Cabin crews prepare for learning

easyJet cabin crew are brushing up their language skills to give passengers an even warmer welcome.

The airline is issuing app download codes to its high-flying cabin crew so they can enjoy speaking any of uTalk’s 150+ languages in the air and on the ground.

easyJet is also giving its passengers the chance to learn a uTalk language on their own device while they’re airborne as part of its Inflight Entertainment System.

The language learning software was added to the system thanks to a custom build by uTalk.

Learners turn coffee-shops into classrooms

Visitors to the Costa Coffee chain were served up language learning lessons alongside hot drinks as part of a pioneering scheme.

The café-goers first signed up to uTalk’s language learning app through the PopUp College.

Then Costa cafes were turned into after-hours classrooms so learners could practise their new language skills face to face across a coffee table.

Popular topics for discussion included social phrases, food and drink and restaurants.

Library visitors turn a new page

Dublin Library is extending the hand of friendship to migrants and others looking to learn a new language.

With the help of unlock codes for the uTalk app, the library has been able to give people access to any of uTalk’s 150 languages.

A bespoke uTalk dashboard also allows library staff to track users’ choice of languages and progress on the app.

The vast majority of learners, 40%, have opted to learn English speaking skills with uTalk, followed by French, 5%, and then Spanish, 4.8%.

Travellers get flying-start in Dubai

Dubai Duty Free has given millions of passengers a flying start to learning a new language.

The prestigious retailer, based at Dubai Airport, has sold record numbers of uTalk’s language learning products.

International travellers have snapped up uTalk products, it says, because of its huge range of languages which can be learned by English and non-English learners alike.

Most popular uTalk languages sold include English, Arabic Modern Standard, German, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Russian.

Holiday-makers pack more in

Holiday-makers have been packing more fun into their trips, thanks to travel company TUI Sweden.

TUI has been offering its Scandinavian customers uTalk language learning apps as part of their holiday essentials.

The most popular languages sold through its website are Spanish, Italian, French, Thai and English.

Newspaper readers scoop language skills

Students in India have improved their career prospects with the help of Indian newspaper Amar Ujala.

The daily paper, which has a circulation of 5.5 million, teamed up with uTalk to help its Hindi readers learn better spoken English.

Under the scheme, learners were given the uTalk app, a workbook and a weekly meeting with a tutor to oversee their progress.

Topics learned included Business Careers, Emails and Technology and On the Phone.

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