Help students up their language learning game!

Make learning with uTalk even more fun by adding a little competition to the mix - a leaderboard for your class adds friendly rivalry to the language learning experience.

Check out what we can do for you.

School student learning to speak languages with uTalk classroom app
School student winning fun game on the uTalk language learning app

uTalk Classroom

Let us help you get your students of all ages and stages fully engaged with their language learning! With access to a wealth of topics you’ll see their speaking and listening skills improve. You’ll track your students' progress on a dashboard which updates daily, allowing you to see the top scorers and those who need that extra push, and even award certificates. To find out more please contact

uTalk Language Games

Get access to up to three languages throughout the year culminating in a competition open to all participating schools. Perfect for school age learners, Language Games ticks all the boxes when it comes to delivering language lessons, whether you’re a specialist language teacher or not. Find out more and sign up to uTalk Language Games here.
student going to school to learn languages with the uTalk classroom app.

Why the uTalk app is at the top of the class for schools:

It makes learning fun!

Introduces exciting new languages.

Encourages independent learning.

Excellent value.

Students can play at home or at school.

Learn from any language.

Ideal for those whose first language is not English.