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Make learning with uTalk even more fun by adding a little competition to the mix - a leaderboard for your class or team adds friendly rivalry to the language-learning experience.

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uTalk Junior Language Challenge (UK Only)

Our long-running national competition (15 years and counting!) costs just £5 per child - aged 11 or under - with the opportunity for them to learn more than 300 words and phrases in two different languages over the course of the school year. With more than 140 languages to choose from, which would you pick?

With school and regional leaderboards, it doesn’t matter if your child is entering through their school or as an individual - they can compare their scores with others and race to the top! To find out more, go to our Junior Language Challenge website, or contact us on

uTalk Classroom

uTalk's new learning package, uTalk Classroom, can help you get students of all ages fully engaged with their language learning! Get your entire class playing language games on any device, then watch as they begin to rack up the points and their speaking and listening skills improve. Teachers can track students' progress on a dashboard, which updates daily, and can easily see the top scorers and those who need that extra push. You can even make it into a competition—if you want a little more fun! To find out more please contact

uTalk Overseas Language Challenges

We’re proud to say we’ve been working with partners in India to run a sister competition to our uTalk Junior Language Challenge - uTalk Language Challenge India. If you’re from India, please go to the uTalk Challenge India website to find out more.

If you’re at a school or institution outside of the UK and India and interested in running your own uTalk Junior or Senior Language Challenge, please contact

Why the uTalk app is at the top of the class for schools:

It makes learning fun!

Introduces exciting new languages.

Encourages independent learning.

Excellent value.

Students can play at home or at school.

Learn from any language.

Ideal for those whose first language is not English.