How two friends fixed their language problem

Richard and Andrew thought that, after studying French for years at school, they knew enough to get by.

Then the pair, who met while working for the same London tech company, went to a business meeting in France and couldn’t understand a word.

It was an epic fail that propelled them to quit their jobs and set up a language learning company which was all about speaking and listening skills.

The company was one of the first to pioneer games as a route to learning. Uniquely, it also developed a template so its products could be used by English and non-English speakers alike.

And after years of experimenting and learning from past mistakes - like originally calling the company EuroTalk because of its earlier European focus - uTalk is now helping people worldwide learn any of 140+ languages.

Richard still heads up the company today and he and Andrew can now speak French!

The best way to learn

uTalk's method of using verbal, visual and fun exercises to teach languages increases your chance of success.

Our tried and tested products work by stimulating both sides of the brain at the same time – the visual memory (right brain) and verbal (left side). This dual-coding improves recall and learning dramatically. Adding fun to the mix helps release the neurotransmitter chemical dopamine which keeps you motivated and improves memory recall.

So there you have it: Visual + Verbal + Fun = Learning that works.

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