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Covering over a thousand languages, the Austronesian family stretches from South East Asia along Polynesia and to Madagascar, but the uTalk selection will cover you for most of your travel in the Austronesian area. Austronesian languages tend to have various forms of politeness- a low form for vernacular use, a polite form and a very high, or sometimes regal, form.

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Fun facts about Fijian

A common version of 'How are you?' is O lai vei, literally 'Where are you going?'- to which you can reply with a specific destination, an intention of what you're going to do, or a vague answer e.g. 'over there'.

Bula is the most common greeting and means 'life' (amongst other things).

The Fijian proverb 'Leka na iqila' (the breadfruit picking pole is too short) means that you don't have enough money to do something.§

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