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Ancient Greek was the language spoken in Greece more than 2,500 years ago and is different to modern Greek. Doctoral students from the UK’s Oxford University used historical evidence of how the language would have sounded to voice the language for this app. They also carefully re-imagined modern-day words into Ancient Greek where no direct translation was available. For example, ‘pizza’ translates as ‘Italian flatbread’.

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Fun facts about Greek (Ancient)

Words which start with 'ph' are usually of Ancient Greek origin such as philosophy, physical, photo, phrase and philanthropy.

Loan words include ‘mega’ (from ‘mégas’ meaning big) ‘micro’ (from ‘mikrós’ for small) and 'telephone' (from 'tēle' for far away) and 'phōnḗ' (for voice).

The language is widely used in medicine, science, academia and technology.

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Более 60 тем а также свыше 2500 слов и фраз охватывающих повседневные ситуации.

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