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This is recognised as a minority language by UNESCO and is spoken in Sicily and in parts of Southern Italy. Its roots pre-date the Ancient Greeks and its influences include Latin, Arabic, French, Catalan, Greek, Italian and Germanic languages. The language, which has many dialects, is spoken in informal settings and is often used for emphasis, in jokes and to express affection or annoyance.

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Интересные факты — Сицилийский

The Sicilian word ‘azzizzari’ (to embellish/adorn) comes from the Arabic word ‘aziz’ (beautiful).

A Sicilian proverb says: ‘There’s two types of powerful, those who own too much and those who don’t own a thing.’ (Du’ su’ i putenti, cu avi assà e cu nun avi nenti.)

Mathematician Archimedes was born and lived in Sicily.

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