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About Latvian

Latvian, also sometimes known as Lettish, is the official language of Latvia, where it is spoken by about 85% of the population. There are also a hundred thousand speakers living abroad. Latvian has three major dialects - the Standard Latvian language, which uTalk teaches, is based on the Middle dialect. Latvian is a Baltic language, from a different family to the Germanic and Slavic languages that neighbour it, although it does borrow some words from German, Polish and Russian.

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Fun facts — Latvian

  • The Latvian phrase pūst pīlītes - 'to blow little ducks' - means to talk nonsense.
  • Latvian is part of the Baltic language group, and its only other living relative is Lithuanian.
  • Male names in Latvian will almost invariably end in an -s and female names in either -a or -e. This extends to foreign names, so the English John would become Džons in Latvian.

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