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About British English

English - which originated from British English - is the third most spoken native language in the world after Standard Chinese and Spanish. Around 330 to 360 million people speak English as their first language and it is the most widely learned second language worldwide. This app helps you learn the pronunciation of mainstream English as spoken in Britain. Both voice artists you’ll hear have also worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation as either a TV presenter or as an actor. The language has its own identifiable accent and some unique words but is easily understood by speakers of other English dialects.

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United Kingdom

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West Germanic

Fun facts — English (British)

  • The British are well-known for their ability to form an orderly queue which may be why the British phrase 'patience is a virtue' is well-known!
  • Common slang includes 'to feel gutted' - meaning to be devastated - 'to faff around' - to waste time doing little - and 'to whinge' - to complain in a whining way.
  • Unlike American English, British English uses the word 'pissed' to mean drunk - not angry - 'pants' to mean underpants - not trousers - and the storage compartment of a car is the 'boot' - not trunk.

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