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Gulf Arabic is commonly referred to as Khaleeji, short for اللهجة الخليجية, ‘the Gulf dialect’. This is the spoken variant of Arabic used in Eastern Arabia, including Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Gulf Arabic in fact consists of several different dialects, most of which are mutually understandable. This version of Arabic is spoken in everyday life, as well as in media and in business. uTalk teaches the variant from the UAE, with native speakers from Dubai.

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Fun facts about Arabic (Gulf)

Many English words have been borrowed into Gulf Arabic and become changed beyond recognition. One of these is drewel meaning 'driver'!

Khalli walli خلـّي ولـّي means: 'So what?', but with a ruder tone, it could also mean, 'Get lost!'

Be careful with the word طرّش (pronounced tarresh). It means 'to send' in Kuwait and the UAE, 'to vomit' in Saudi Arabia, 'to splash' in Syria and Lebanon and 'to deafen' in Tunisia! Telling someone in the region to 'send me message' can therefore get quite complicated indeed!

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