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The Turkic languages spread from SE Europe to Western China, with lots of the Central Asian languages being Turkic in origin. The writing system of the Turkic languages differs (Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic alphabets), but there are strong similarities in grammar and vocabulary. There are no genders to worry about - a relief to those who struggle with masculine and feminine nouns in Romance languages.§

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Fun facts about Turkish

The Turkish like tea so much they coined the saying: 'Conversations without tea are like a night sky without the moon'.

The Turkish phrase 'stop ironing my head' means 'stop annoying me'!

The Turkish alphabet has a dotless i - I ı- only found in Turkish and Azerbaijani.

Titles such as amaca - uncle - are politely used with people you don't know very well: using just the name would be considered impolite.

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