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Descended from Proto-Iranian and using the Arabic writing system, Dari is spoken in Afghanistan. Dari (Afghanistan), Persian (Iran) and Tajiki (Tajikistan) are all very closely linked to each other and may sometimes all be referred to as 'Persian'. uTalk will help you learn it easily with immediate results.

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Интересные факты — Персидский (Афганистан)

A Dari proverb goes: 'A fast donkey is better than a slow horse', meaning 'choose what works best, not what looks best'.

Rather than saying don’t bite off more than you can chew, in Dari you can’t hold two watermelons in one hand!

Some words that sound the same in Farsi are in fact distinguished in Dari. For example, in Dari, 'lion' and 'milk' are pronounced 'sher' and 'shir' respectively, while in Farsi both are pronounced 'shir'!Dari has a 'w' sound, while Farsi replaces it with a 'v'.

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