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About Dari (Afghanistan Persian)

Dari is the version of Persian spoken in Afghanistan, where it is a co-official language with Pashto and the native language of about half the population. It is a lingua franca for speakers of the 40 other languages spoken in the country. Dari also has about a million speakers in Pakistan and 15,000 in Iran. The vocabulary is mostly Persian, with words being borrowed from Arabic and, more recently, English. Although the official name of the language in Afghanistan is Dari, in the West it is also sometimes known as Afghan Persian.

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Fun facts — Dari

  • A Dari proverb goes: 'a fast donkey is better than a slow horse', meaning 'choose what works best, not what looks best'.
  • Rather than saying don’t bite off more than you can chew, in Dari you can’t hold two watermelons in one hand!
  • Dari and Farsi, the Persian from Iran, are mutually understandable but Dari has a 'w' sound, while Farsi replaces it with a 'v'.

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