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About Turkish

Turkish is the official language of Turkey, Northern Cyprus and Cyprus. Significant Turkish populations also live in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Germany and parts of Central Asia. It has the highest number of speakers of any of the Turkic languages, a group that includes Turkmen and Azerbaijani which are mutually understandable with Turkish. Although mostly Turkic in origin, Turkish vocabulary has also borrowed from Arabic and Persian, English, French and Greek. uTalk teaches Modern Standard Turkish, based on the dialects from Istanbul.

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Fun facts — Turkish

  • The Turkish like tea so much they coined the saying: 'Conversations without tea are like a night sky without the moon'.
  • The Turkish phrase 'stop ironing my head' means 'stop annoying me'!
  • The Turkish alphabet has a dotless i - I ı - only found in Turkish and Azerbaijani.
  • Titles such as amaca - uncle - are politely used with people you don't know very well: using just the name would be considered impolite.

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