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About Slovenian

Slovenian, known as slovenščina, is the official language of Slovenia and is also spoken in parts of Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. As a South Slavic language, it is most similar to Serbian and Croatian. Slovenian has many different dialects - some estimate there are up to 46 - but Standard Slovene is the national language. As with other Slavic languages, Slovenian has no individual word for ‘the’, so 'jabolko' may mean either ‘an apple’ or ‘the apple’.

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Fun facts — Slovenian

  • Slovenian has a single word for 'the two of us': midva.
  • In Slovenian, if you say 'Imam mačka' (I have a cat) it means you have a hangover.
  • It is a source of great confusion that the Slovenian word for Slovenian is slovenščina and the Slovak word for Slovak is slovenčina.

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