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Burmese has 33 million native speakers and is the official language of Myanmar. Burmese uses its own Burmese alphabet and the language is monosyllabic. More and more people are travelling to Burma and uTalk makes it easy for you to start learning the language.

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Интересные факты — Бирманский

The Burmese for 'it’s business as usual' is 'go come eat drink live'!

The Burmese word for 'happy' is literally 'pleasant bowels'!

Burmese has its own ancient alphabet but the spelling preserves sounds that are no longer pronounced – 'Myanmar' is actually spelled 'Mranma' in Burmese script.

The letters in Burmese are curvy because it used to be written on leaves which would tear if straight lines were drawn on them.

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