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Catalan is a Romance language with lots of similarities in grammar and vocabulary, making it easier to pick up one if you've learnt another. The Latin-based Romance languages are mostly spoken in the area of the former Western Roman Empire. However, many are now also spoken beyond Europe, including Portuguese in Brazil, Spanish in Latin America, and French in many parts of Africa.

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Fun facts about Catalan

Speaking Catalan was banned under Franco's rule and people would only speak it in the secrecy of their homes, with the result nowadays that some of the older generation aren't confident writing or spelling in Catalan because they were only taught Spanish in school.

If only a few people turn up to an event, you might hear someone describe it as 'Quatre Gats'- which literally translates as 'four cats'.

If someone invites you to 'fer el vermut' (do the vermouth) they're inviting you out for a drink (not necessarily vermouth!), a snack and a chat.

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