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About Czech

Previously known as Bohemian, this is the official language of the Czech Republic and is mutually understandable with Slovak. Its vocabulary is primarily Slavic with influences from Latin and Germanic languages. Common Czech, which is the dominant version and the one taught on uTalk, was originally based on the dialect spoken in Prague. Like most other Slavic languages, Czech has no definite article - ‘the' - so the word 'vlak' could mean ‘a train’ or ‘the train’.

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Czech Republic

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West Slavic

Fun facts — Czech

  • The word 'robot' comes from Czech and originally means drudgery.
  • The Czech names of months are derived from the weather and seasonal changes. January is 'leden' from 'led' for ice, and June is 'červen' from červený for red because of the red fruit in season at this time.
  • Czech has several words with no vowels at all, such as krb - fireplace - and prst - finger.

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