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About Danish

Danish is descended from Old Norse and is a sister language to Norwegian and Swedish. Speakers of these languages will understand a lot of each other’s languages, with Danes finding they understand Norwegian better than Swedish. Besides Denmark, Danish is spoken in the Southern Schleswig area of Northern Germany, and was an official language of Greenland until 2009 - nowadays, 20% of the population still speak it. Standard Danish, as taught on uTalk, is based on the Copenhagen dialects and is now so dominant that other dialects have gradually started to get phased out.

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Faroe Islands


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North Germanic

Fun facts — Danish

  • 'Hej' is used to greet people, and 'hej hej' to say goodbye. Simple!
  • The Danish counting system gets complicated after 50 as you need to start using fractions - for example 50 is halvtreds, short for 'two and a half times twenty'.
  • Danish has something known as a creaky vowel sound, in which a syllable can be split into a section with a high pitch and one with a low pitch.

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