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Greenlandic was probably brought over to Greenland in the 1200s by the Thule people. It is related to the Canadian Inuit languages such as Inuktitut but, unlike them, Greenlandic is written with a Latin alphabet. There are 3 main dialects but the official one is Kalaallisut (West Greenlandic), which is also the one uTalk teaches. Words are built by adding multiple suffixes to a root and can therefore get very long, sometimes representing what would be an entire sentence in English.

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Fun facts about Greenlandic

The word for 'one' is 'ataaseq', or 'the remaining one if you take away the rest'. 'Ten' is 'qulit' meaning 'the upper part', because the upper body has 10 fingers.

A lot of information can be crammed into one word. For example, 'uiqarpoq' means 'she has a husband'.

We borrow the words kayak and anorak from Greenlandic.

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