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About Hungarian

Hungarian - or magyar - is the official language of Hungary and a regional language in Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and Slovenia. It is part of the Uralic language family, along with Finnish and Estonian. It is not mutually understandable with these languages but they do share some features, such as not distinguishing between a male and female pronoun - both 'he' and 'she' are conveyed by the word ‘ő’. Its vocabulary has been somewhat influenced by the neighbouring Slavic and Germanic languages, as well as by Turkish and Persian.

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Fun facts — Hungarian

  • Hungarian has two words for red: piros - used for inanimate things - and vörös - for animate things.
  • When introducing yourself in Hungary, your surname comes first, then your first name - similar to Chinese and Korean.
  • The Hungarian phrase 'miért itatod az egereket?' - why are you crying? - literally translates as 'why are you giving drinks to the mice?'

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