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About Sardinian

Sardinian is considered one of the languages most closely descended from Latin. It also includes influences of medieval Greek as well as Catalan, Spanish, Corsican and Italian. There are two main dialects in Sardinia: Logudorese and Campidanese which are, to a certain extent, mutually intelligible. uTalk uses the Campidanese dialect which is largely spoken in the south of the island and in the capital.

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Fun facts — Sardinian

  • Sardinian dialects are not spoken in schools on the island and UNESCO classes them as definitely endangered.
  • The Campidanese dialect takes its name from Campidano, the fertile area of land in the South West of the Island.
  • There’s a Sardinian proverb which may echo the island’s tumultuous history ‘Furat chi benit dae su mare’ meaning ‘who comes from the sea steals’.

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