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About Argentinian Spanish

Argentinian Spanish is spoken in the Rio de la Plata area of Argentina and Uruguay and is also sometimes known as Rioplatense Spanish. The dialect has been heavily influenced by Italian, both in vocabulary and intonation. It also borrows words from indigenous languages such as Quechua and Guarani. As well as its distinctive pronunciation, Argentinian Spanish has its own verb conjugations which may at first confuse fluent speakers of other Spanish dialects, as well as lots and lots - and lots! - of unique slang.

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Fun facts — Spanish (Argentinian)

  • The ‘ll’ and ‘y’ are pronounced as a ‘sh’ sound, a distinctive feature of Argentinian.
  • Due to the influence of Italian on the language, Argentinians will often say 'Chau' - from 'Ciao' - as goodbye.
  • If in doubt, fill a gap in the conversation with 'viste', equivalent of the English 'you know'.

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