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About Uzbek

Uzbek is the only official language of Uzbekistan and the mother tongue of over 80% of the population. At least half the population also speaks Russian. Most Uzbek vocabulary is Turkic in origin, but words are also borrowed from Arabic, Persian and Russian. Its closest language relative is Uyghur. There are multiple dialects of Uzbek but the standard version of the language is based on the Tashkent dialect. In official usage, the Latin script is used, but colloquially the Cyrillic script is often found, and both may be used in the media.

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Fun facts — Uzbek

  • There's an Uzbek proverb which goes: 'Don't choose a house - choose neighbours. Don't choose a path - choose travelling companions'.
  • Teahouses, called chaykhanas, are culturally important in Uzbekistan.
  • Loan words taken from Russian include televizor - televizor in Russian - and telefon trubkasi - telefonnaya trubka in Russian.

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