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Learn to speak Greenlandic with uTalk and be part of a tradition that stretches back to the origins of Greenland’s people. This indigenous language is most similar to the Canadian Inuit languages. However, it uses the Latin alphabet. You’ll have lots of fun with it – especially if you like tongue twisters as some words can get so long they take up a whole sentence!§

Learn Greenlandic with uTalk
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Fun facts about Greenlandic

We borrow the words kayak and anorak from Greenlandic.

A lot of information can be crammed into one word. For example, 'uiqarpoq' means 'she has a husband'.

The word for 'ten' is 'qulit' meaning 'the upper part', because the upper body has 10 fingers.

Nuuk - the capital - is the Greenlandic word for 'cape'.

The word for computer, 'qarasaasiaq', means 'artificial brain'.

The name for a potato is naatsiiat, which literally means ‘something for which one waits for a long time to grow’.

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