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Extending all over Eastern Europe, the Slavic languages have strong similarities to Russian in both vocabulary and grammar. Bosnian uses the Latin alphabet but it still has close links to other Slavic languages which use the Cyrillic alphabet. There is no definite article in Slavic languages, which means that a noun, say, 'book', could mean just 'book', 'a book' or 'the book'.

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Интересные факты — Боснийский

Bosnia is believed to be named after the River Bosna. This in turn may be named from the Indo-European word 'Bosana' meaning 'water' or the from the Indo-European root 'bhog' meaning current.

In Western Bosnia, it is common to refer to a month by its number so May can be called ‘the fifth month’.

There’s a Bosnian saying: ‘Do not look where the harvest is plentiful but where the people are kind’.

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