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About Bosnian

Bosnian is one of three official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is also spoken in Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro. It has strong similarities to Croatian and Serbian, the other official languages in Bosnia, and all three are mutually understandable. But there are differences in pronunciation and the use of some words. For example, Bosnian speakers who follow the Muslim faith and are typically known as Bosniaks, use more Turkish, Persian and Arabic loan words.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

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South Slavic

Fun facts — Bosnian

  • Bosnia is believed to be named after the River Bosna. This in turn may be named from the Indo-European word 'bosana' meaning 'water' or from the Indo-European root 'bhog' meaning current.
  • Bosnian borrows names of months - such as Oktobar and April - from Western European languages.
  • There’s a Bosnian saying: ‘Do not look where the harvest is plentiful but where the people are kind’.

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