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Hindi is a standardised form of the Hindustani language and is an official language of India along with English. It is mutually understandable with Urdu - despite some vocabulary differences - but they use different writing systems (the Devanagari script for Hindi). It is the fourth most spoken language in the world and, in India, is a lingua franca in the Hindi Belt and much of the rest of the country. Much of its vocabulary comes from Sanskrit and Prakit, with additional borrowings from English.

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Fun facts about Hindi

There's a Hindi idiom, 'thali ka baingan', which translates as 'aubergine on a plate' and means that loyalties shift depending on circumstances- the eggplant will roll in the direction the plate tips.

English borrows the words bungalow, pyjama and jungle from Hindi.

The single word jugaad means coming up with a canny and cost-efficient solution through innovation and creative thinking.

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