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About Kazakh

Speakers of Kazakh (Қазақ тілі) are mainly found in Kazakhstan, with others in Afghanistan, Mongolia, Russia, and other former Soviet Union countries, as well as China. It is closely related to Kyrgyz - so much so that speakers of each language can actually understand each other. In 1940, the Cyrillic script overtook the Perso-Arabic one and is still in use, but since 2017 the government has begun to implement an official switch to the Latin alphabet, which they plan to have fully implemented by 2025.

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Fun facts — Kazakh

  • Whistling indoors is considered bad luck in Kazakhstan, and means you'll have no money.
  • Like its relatives Turkish, Kyrgyz, Azeri and Uzbek, Kazakh has vowel harmony where vowels are divided into front and back, and only vowels of the same type can occur in the same word.
  • When being served tea in Kazakhstan, your host will often make sure your cup is only half-filled. Filling a teacup to the brim means your host wants you to leave.

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