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About Luganda

Most native speakers of Luganda, or Ganda, are found in the Buganda region of Uganda. It is spoken as a second language elsewhere in the country and is actually the most widely spoken of Uganda’s 40 languages. Luganda is mutually intelligible with Lusoga, spoken in Uganda’s Busoga region, and shares features with the other languages in the Bantu family such as Kinyarwanda and Lingala. One of the most notable features of Bantu languages is their noun class system, by which nouns react in particular ways depending on whether they are human, plant, abstract, animal etc.

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Fun facts — Luganda

  • The greetings 'good morning' and 'good afternoon' are actually questions in Luganda: 'wasuze otya?' and 'osiibye otya?' mean 'how was your night?' and 'how was your day?' respectively.
  • The name of the Ugandan capital, Kampala, means 'hills of the impala'.
  • In Luganda, the day doesn't start at midnight like in English, but at dawn. What English-speakers would call seven o'clock is therefore one o'clock in Luganda, as it's the first hour of their day, while the English eight o'clock is the Luganda two o'clock - the second hour of the day.

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