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If you're travelling to Nigeria, you may want to learn the relevant language: Yoruba to the West, Igbo to the South, or Hausa to the North. There are actually over 500 languages in Nigeria but these three major ones should get you around. All these languages use the Latin alphabet. Yoruba is a tonal language in which the pitch of a vowel can alter the meaning of a word. So it's important to learn the language with an audio guide like ours.

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Fun facts about Yoruba

There’s a saying 'A sculptor is summoned and the woodpecker shows up' meaning never think too highly of yourself.

Another proverb, 'The king’s palace that got burnt added beauty to it', means that every cloud has a silver lining.§

Names of Yoruba are traditionally chosen for their meaning such as ‘God gave me joy’ or ‘wealth has become more’.

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